2020 Annual International Open Exhibition

ISEA continues its work moving forward and celebrating innovation in art. While a physical exhibition was not possible this year, we are proud to present the 2020 exhibition virtually. Our online exhibition celebrates more international members than ever before. Entries have been accepted from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Bahrain, Honduras, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and Wales.

In a year of firsts, ISEA accepted video pieces for the first time. Over the years we have seen some collaborations, but this year there were four accepted collaborations. ISEA added a new membership level to accommodate this revolutionary way of developing art with others!

Every year there are new and exciting “happenings” in this the International Society of Experimental Artists. The ISEA Board and the Local Organizing Committee in St. Albert are extremely disappointed that the passion and effort our team has expended will not result in a physical exhibition this year. But with all that we have accomplished, despite adversity, ISEA has moved forward with great expectations for all of our future endeavors.

Please consider enlivening your home or office by purchasing the work of one of these excellent artists! Inquiries regarding sales may be sent via email to president@iseaartexhibit.org and we will forward your inquiry directly to the artist. Artists will process transactions, shipping, and handling for you. Thank you for viewing this ISEA Annual Exhibition today!

Color Study 6 - Best of Show, Gracie Award

Color Study 6 - Best of Show, Gracie Award

Paul Gravett

I explore the intersections of photography and contemporary art, where light and color become the subject matter, revealing rich palettes, layered rhythms, and textures. All my images start in the camera, looking beyond the object itself to explore unseen elements and abstractions. As reality recedes, light, color, and pattern create fragments of a mysterious otherness in these painterly images.

'The Color Study' series is based on one of the most essential of photographic techniques: depth of field. Colored papers and transparencies are carefully arranged on glass shelves, stacked three to six deep to create a three-dimensional collage. Each layer is captured in focus, with the other layers softened or out of focus. The multiple images are then stacked and blended in Photoshop, but the manipulation is minimal so that the images can remain spontaneous.
Each image is fully planned at the beginning, but the experimental technique allows shapes, colors, depths, and light to interact in ways that are entirely unpredictable and joyfully unexpected.

Photography, archival ink, paper, frame, acrylic

22 " x 22"


Browse the experimental artists who claimed the top prizes, awards, and honorable mentions in 2020. Congratulations to them all for their innovative approaches that stood out to Guest Juror, Brenda Malkinson.

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